The 36 Heartstrings of Quebecers

A’s hire A’s; B’s hire C’s. – Donald Rumsfeld

Lawrence Creaghan is The Write Stuff

“Call me an aging Boomer sap, but I think this Bernie Sanders ad is just about the best political commercial I’ve ever seen...If all the Sanders campaign does is inject the spirit of this commercial into our money-drenched, dead-assed politics, then it is already far more than merely a worthwhile endeavor.” – Charles P. Pierce, Esquire

French-to-English translation – to help you sell your products, services, and ideas. English creative and copywriting – to help you break through the clutter and get your message home. Editing and rewriting – to help you get your English material ready for prime time.

Advertising and promotions – from complete multimedia campaigns to a full range of print and online executions. Business and corporate – brochures, business proposals, market studies, videos, and websites. Employee, investor, and public relations – news releases, presentations, special events, media and other information kits. Internal communications – letters, memos, proposals, business pitches, reports, PowerPoints/Keynotes, and newsletters.

“Over the past 30 years, I have worked as an advertising agency copywriter, translator, and creative director, and on my own. I’ve had the good fortune of working on the widest range of accounts imaginable, including packaged goods, financial services, retailers, non-profits, manufacturers…from jet engines to Jello...and everything in between...for agencies and direct clients alike. Now how can I help you with what you want to do?” – Lawrence Creaghan

Wow! La version anglaise est meilleure que l’originale.

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